Applications of AI and Machine Learning for Insurers

A high-precision data capture tool that capture and classifies medical documents

Existing generic OCR solutions do a great job of capturing data, but they are not necessarily tailored to recognise key information in Medical Documents such as Claims Invoices, Medical Certificates and Medical Reports. Our advanced OCR technology can Combine Multiple Pages to Extract Bill / Claim Level Information; perform Non Template Based Recognition of Multiple Invoice Forms, Formats and Table Information; map Extracted Claims Line Items to Benefit Categories; map Surgery and Procedure Descriptions from Different Providers to Codes. Our SMART Data Capture engine is fine tuned to achieve high Straight Through Processing rates for Non-Digital Claims from 4000+ clinics in Singapore.

AiDA Smart Data Capture powers insurers with an innovative tool that significantly improves STP rates of non-digital claims

The Smart Data Capture advantage

Greater accuracy

In detecting key medical fields without compromising efficiency or STP.

Superior STP capabilities

Considerably higher STP than traditional OCR engines

Increased Claims Assessment Productivity

Standardised templates increase ease and accuracy of non-digital claims

Wider case coverage

Detects complex and sub-standard cases, regardless of the complexity.

63 percent of insurance executives say the industry will be completely transformed by intelligent technologies, and 53 percent are already using them in one or more business process.

– Accenture

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