Applications of AI and Machine Learning for Banks

An end-to-end lending solution that slashes processing time

Robust credit assessment is the foundation of banking. But, in addition to fragmented and tedious processes, lenders are battling rising costs and inefficiencies amid an increasingly competitive marketplace. Throughout the lending process, teams from different business units, and sometimes different locations, get involved in different tasks, adding time, complexity and cost.

That’s why AiDA Technologies is powering leading Asian banks with an accelerated end-to-end solution that expedites loan processing from weeks to days.

The Smart Lending advantage

All customer segments

Detects the customers propensity to buy and recognises cross-sell opportunities

High accuracy and repeatability

Identifies the possibility for early pay-downs and attrition with high precision

Rejection reasons & partial approval

Highly advanced and unsupervised credit risk score engine with intelligent data capture

All loan types and sectors

We can assess both secured and unsecured loans across retail and the SME sector

In Singapore, one in five claims are either false, or inflated – costing an approximate US $101 million annually

– General Insurance Association

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Our AI and machine learning technology is capable of drawing on both traditional and alternative data sources which cannot be accounted for in traditional credit-risk modelling—such as social media, current news, credit card and business transaction information—to deliver a more holistic risk profile. That enables banks to improve market share and achieve healthier balance sheets, while customers win from quicker processing times.  

With AiDA Smart Lending banks can:

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