Applications of AI and Machine Learning in Financial Services

An intuitive customer engagement strategy that creates more impact

Customer engagement has been proven to have a multiplier impact on the bottom line. But, customer loyalty no longer comes down to traditional product centric strategies such as price, quality, features or even sales capabilities. Today, the best customer retention strategies are those who provide personalized experiences and forward-thinking insurers and banks are leveraging upon the emergence of AI and machine learning to boost customer engagement. 

That’s why AiDA Technologies is powering leading insurers and banks to create more impact from targeted sales efforts.

The Smart Engagement advantage

Cross-sell opportunities

Across investment, deposit and loan accounts

High accuracy and repeatability

Signals good customer profiles for future acquisition

Personalized recommendations

Recommends the right product to the right user at the right time

Low leakages & high retention

Alerts for customer disengagement to enable proactive action

69% of customers who plan to leave their bank say it was due to poor service rather than poor products

– Temkin, 2018

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While the words ‘scale’ and ‘marketing’ have spammy implications due to old marketing methods, this is no longer the case. Spam-like tactics are, and should remain a relic—the mantra moving forward is personalisation at scale. With artificial intelligence and machine learning, insurers and banks can make generic marketing personalised, but without sacrificing scale.

With AiDA Smart Engagement insurers and banks can

AiDA Smart Engagements benefits - AiDA Technologies

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