Applications of AI and Machine Learning for Insurers

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If insurance companies are a ship, then fraudulent claims are a hole in the hull—a giant leak that must be plugged. Speed of settlement and a consistent and trusted process are critical for both insurers and customers but it’s a paradox as insurers also need to eliminate the risk of fraud and litigation. As a result, insurance claims can take weeks to process.

That’s why AiDA Technologies is powering leading insurance providers with an easier way to manage healthcare costs

The Smart Claims advantage

Actionable insights

We provide built-in validations including partial approvals and rejections reasons

Fast resolutions

Our system enables pre-approval, auto-registration and digital disbursements

High repeatability

With machine learning our system maps complex medical ICD codes with policy terms

Outlier detection

Our system alerts potentially suspicious activity not foreseen by predetermined rules


87% of policyholders believe the claims experience impacts their decision to remain with insurers.


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When an insurance company processes medical claims, robotic process automation initiatives can indeed save time on clerical work. But, artificial intelligence and machine learning takes this one step further by analysing the entire claim, assessing whether it should be approved or not and automatically learning new claims patterns – giving it the ability to conduct full end-to-end risk management.

With AiDA Smart Claims insurers can

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