Applications of AI and Machine Learning for Insurers

A high precision tool to predict agent misappropriation, fraud and performance

Insurance agents play a pivotal role within the insurance sector. Finding, recruiting and retaining high-performing agents is critical but the challenge for insurers is how to best position their agents for success among new digital channels while balancing costs. This requires structures and incentives so that high performing agents are working where they can add the greatest value.

That’s why AiDA Technologies is powering leading insurance providers with the knowledge needed to position agents for success.

The Smart Agency advantage

Supports agent recruitment

We identify the characteristics of high-performing agents and create look-alikes to support recruitment and reduce attrition

Detects fraud and evolving risk

Using predictive analytics, we can identify fraudulent claims and elaborate scams reflecting the severity and likelihood

Tracks agent performance

Our machine learning tool learns from weak signals & patterns so you can map a growth trajectory and boost retention

Identify up-sell opportunities

We can anticipate policies at risk of surrendering and empower your insurance agents to take proactive action before its too late

3 per cent to 4 per cent of all global claims are fraudulent, with the highest incidence (4.16 per cent) in the Asia Pacific.

– Reinsurance Group of America (RGA) Survey

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Building strong customer relationships is at the heart of the insurance industry. Customers want to do business with insurers who understand that their needs are individual and unique—they want personalised services. The problem is, personalisation is expensive, which is why it is often reserved for higher-tier customers. Thanks to AI, financial institutions can now reduce the ‘service gap’ between their top-tier and mass market customers in an effective and cost-efficient manner.

With AiDA Smart Agency insurers can

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