We make intelligent sense of your data

We are powering leading tier-1 insurance companies and banks with a combination of

Niche technical talent

Proprietary technology

Financial expertise

Customer centricity

Our multi-award-winning proprietary machine learning technology delivers a suite of smart AI solutions that drive results for insurance companies and banks across all organisational levels

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Our clients have been able to accelerate claims and lending processes, identify revenue potential, drive cost reductions, and anticipate evolving risk – that is the AiDA advantage.

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Our Vision


We seek to supercharge the financial services sector with premier predictive analytics solutions.

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Our Mission


By leveraging our proprietary machine learning technology and team of PhD level data scientists to improve prediction accuracies.

Our forward-thinking clients:

The use of AI and machine learning has been steadily permeating throughout all facets of the financial service ecosystem – from customer-facing front offices all the way to operational back offices. These frontrunners are leading the AI charge by adopting the creed of the digital natives in order to remain competitive and relevant.



Who needs superheros when you can inherit the collective talent of our data scientists

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