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Winner – MEDICI’s Top-21 RegTech Award

Winner – MEDICI’s Top-21 RegTech Award

This award credited AiDA’s suite of AI-driven solutions for its unparalleled unsupervised machine learning ability that results in some of the best efficiency gains for banks and financial institutions.
AiDA Technologies, a leading provider of predictive analytics and AI solutions to tier-one banks and insurance companies across Asia earned a spot on the MEDICI’s Top-21 RegTech Award. The highly coveted MEDICI Top-21 RegTech award identifies technology leaders that are building the future of regulatory compliance across America, APAC and EMEA and helping businesses comply with regulations more efficiently and less expensively. Regtech is also known as regulatory technology.

The MEDICI team and its partners—including Ernst & Young and Thomson Reuters—evaluated over 600 start-ups and narrowed it down 21 winners based on:

  • Scalability across segments and geographies
  • The uniqueness of the solution and the ability to fill the supply gap
  • Existing partnerships, clients, and products for commercial use
  • Engagement with regulators
  • Level of enhanced productivity at customers’ end

AiDA Technologies was recognised by the MEDICI team for managing risk and compliance in real-time and providing applications of artificial intelligence that solve the challenge of decision making with massive amounts of heterogeneous information.

COO at AiDA Technologies, Dr. Andrew Ang said, “We are honoured to earn a spot on MEDICI’s Top-21 RegTech Awards. As insurance companies and banks continue to struggle to tackle financial crime, we are proud to offer a solution that has unparalleled outlier detection capabilities. Our system alerts companies to unusual and potentially suspicious activity that cannot be foreseen by pre-determined rules.” 

About AiDA

AiDA Technologies is powering leading tier-one banks and insurance companies with a unique combination of niche Ph.D. qualified technical talent, best of breed AI and machine learning technology, FSI expertise, and customer-centricity. AiDA’s multi-award-winning proprietary machine learning technology offers a suite of smart AI solutions that drive results across all organisational levels. With AiDA’s suite of smart technology the FSI can expect to accelerate lending and claims processes, identify revenue potential, drive cost reductions, and anticipate evolving risk. That is the AiDA advantage. 

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