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Who we are

AiDA Technologies is a leading provider of artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions for the financial services sector. We are powering leading tier-1 insurance companies and banks with customer-centric AI solutions (on PaaS, SaaS and On-Premise)

The AiDA advantage

Our multi-award-winning, proprietary machine learning technology is supervised by an in-house team of PhD level data scientists who are experienced working with real-world insurance and banking problems across Asia Pacific

It’s time to monetise your data

Traditional insurance companies and banks have access to rich and comprehensive amounts of data and this is allowing the finance industry to become the vanguard of technology-driven innovation, particularly in Asia. When you  leverage the vast amount of data you have access to, you can experience the A-i-D-A effect

Accelerate processes

We provide the tools needed to get things done quicker. Our solutions accelerate tedious and error-prone claims and loan processes and expedite agent performance

Identify revenue potential

The key to revenue growth is high precision forecasting. With predictive analytics, up-sell opportunities are identified, acquisitions are increased and long-term loyalty is achieved

Drive cost reductions

By detecting changing behaviors, it’s possible to mitigate increasing costs. With predictive analytics, suspicious activity can be anticipated so proactive steps can be taken

Anticipate evolving risk

With predictive analytics, potentially suspicious activity can be flagged, fraud can be detected, policies at risk of surrendering can be spotted and increasing AUM can be anticipated

A new customer-centric approach is needed

It’s no secret that fintech has put pressure on the financial services industry. However, banks and insurance companies are fortunate to have an advantage that these new entrants don’t possess – that advantage is data.

Traditional banks and insurance companies have access to deeper and more personal datasets than any organisation, but it remains locked in a vault and heavily underexploited.

Research by McKinsey shows that…

Banks can potentially boost profit up to 40% by using predictive analytics to deepen relationships and attract new customers

The AiDA difference


Low-code, highly-configurable solution with a pay-per-use model

Niche capabilities

Award-winning PhD level data scientists with domain expertise

Easy to implement

PaaS, SaaS or On-premise deployment with advanced integration capabilities


Suite of smart AI products for all types of Tier-1 and SME customers

Fraud detection

Detect activity not foreseen by pre-determined rules

Unstructured data

Analyse data that is not easily searchable including social media

Key Insights

Partial approval cases and meaningful rejection reasons

FSI Compliant

Compliant with all FSI requirements and SG:D accredited

Our impact


Loans assessed


Claims processed


Anomalies detected


Default predictions

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